A Summer Update!

2nd Aug 2017

Hello All! We hope you’re all enjoying the summer holidays, fingers crossed the sun will make an appearance¬†soon!

We’ve got an excellent bank of activities going on here at Briton Ferry Childcare this summer but please please don’t forget that spaces are limited and you must book with us ASAP! For those of you who wish for your children to attend our trips, please speak to Gemma. We hope to see you all soon!


It’s only the second week in but we’ve already been really busy! Our theme for this summer is The Sea, we’ve enjoyed stories, songs, rhymes, and of course lots of art and crafts! What do you think of our fantastic pig masks?? (From the Owl and the Pussycat of course).

summer pig

And of course you’ve all seen the brilliant pictures from our trip to Llancaiach Fawr for the Super Hero Fun Day! Here’s a sneak peak of our favourite manager showing the kids how it’s done.. we’re not sure who enjoyed more! To see more please click this link here.



We’re all looking forward to what we’re sure will be a fantastic summer holidays, even if the sun decides not to show! There’ll be walks, parties, crafts, puddle jumping, climbing, ball pit diving, cooking, drawing, building… the list goes on and on! Remember to check out our Facebook Page here for updates and to join our group (Briton Ferry Childcare) if you’re a parent whose child attends. We’ll be posting regular updates and pictures so remember to keep an eye out for the links on our page!¬†

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