Our First Wellie Walk

19th Oct 2016

As you may have read, we have been going on sponsored Wellie Walks to raise money for Stand up to Cancer with Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK. Read here to hear all about our first Wellie Walk..

Yesterday we took our first wellie walk up to Auntie Rhiannon’s farm. The farm is a very special farm, with the friendliest animals you will ever meet! (So friendly that one little girl even tried to sneak one of the cats into the boot to bring back with us!)






The farm is fully enclosed and is completely private, so the children can run around and explore in safety. Having freedom means that they get to explore their own interests, whether that’s playing with the cats, washing up the feeding bowls (at the risk of getting a little wet), or running as fast as their legs will take them.

This enables them to take risks, and to navigate for themselves. There is no such thing as too much fresh air, fun, and learning – especially when they’re taking place all at once!

If you want to know more about our animals, click here to read all about them and to see pictures!


So, first thing first… we had to get the children ready for the farm.

Toilet run? Check

Overalls? Check

Wellies? Check

Snack? Check

Antibac? Check

Car seats? Check

Right, in we get and off we go!

To Zoars we went to pick up some food, the bag was so heavy they had to use a forklift to get it into the back of the bus! Then it was straight to the farm. Up we drove, and after unloading, the children got exploring. Into the trees, behind the stable, up to the field. Off they went, joined with a menagerie of farmyard creatures.


exploring  chicken-and-kids-2 chicken-and-kids

Holly the dog, Martha the chicken, and Prince the cat were the most curious. Of course, they were probably just hoping for some food the greedy things! So of course, we had to feed them.

Auntie Rhiannon showed the children how to fill the feed buckets, and the children helped to distribute them to the horses. Minty and Nellie loved their food, and the fuss that the children made of them. We decided now that we were really rather hungry, must have been the fresh air and running around! So we all piled into the boot of the bus (now free of the giant feed bag) and settled down with some jam sandwiches.

boot-2 boot-and-animals


Now there were a few little creatures still yet to be fed, and they were not impressed with the children’s lunch! So naturally, Holly, Martha, and Prince decided that the only logical thing to do was to watch the children whilst they ate theirs, hoping for maybe a little titbit to drop! Except this wasn’t good enough for one bold chicken… Martha decided to jump into the bus and try her luck at pinching a sandwich!

cody-and-chicken-2 cody-and-chicken


(No, I didn’t know that chickens like jam sandwiches either, but there we go). Luckily, there was spare, and we shared this amongst the animals (greedy Martha even stole from the cat!)

cat-and-chicken cats-and-chicken


Sandwiches munched, biscuits crunched, and water glugged, we were ready to clean up and head home. So we took back the feeding buckets, hosed them down and gave them a scrub. Some children may or may not have gotten a little wet in the process.

hosing-3 hosing


Now as some children were removing their overalls and putting on their shoes, a few children decided that they weren’t quite ready to leave. We’re very good with our head counts, so we weren’t likely to leave a child behind, their solution? To bring the farm back with them. They scooped up the cats and tried to sneakily (but not successfully) store them in the boot.

ava-and-cat-3 stealing-cat-2 stealing-cat cat-in-bus


After being rescued from this fate, the cat decided he actually quite like it in the bus, and tried to take a seat up front!

We all (minus the animals thankfully) piled up back into the bus, and headed back to playgroup to tell everybody about our trip.

Our sponsor form is in the office, please get in touch if you would like to make a donation (you can do this by phone, in person, or through Facebook).

Alternatively you can donate directly by visiting Stand up to Cancer



2 comments on “Our First Wellie Walk

  1. Jo blanco Martin on said:

    Please can I have Martha , and a kitten. Please buy a pig !!!!! I am so so lucky my child is being cared for by you all, how many other childcare establishment do this !!!! Ebony loves it with you I dread the day she is too old too come aahhh forget it she will be 21 before she leaves

  2. Alice Davies on said:

    What a lovely pos! Jac thoroughly enjoyed, as always!! Can’t believe the animals jumped into the back of the bus!! Love seeing photos of him so happy! It’s good to know that even when I’m in work he’s able to do things like this! They All look like they’re having a brilliant time! Thank you!!

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