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30th Aug 2016

Well we’ve had a very busy Summer in our garden! Everything is growing beautifully and we’ve even been using our food for cooking. Today we’ve been sampling the tomatoes!

As those who’ve been keeping up with the blog know, we have snack twice a day which is prepared by the children themselves. Today, as tomatoes and cucumbers were on the menu, we decided to see if any had ripened after falling from their stalk.

Each piece of fruit we grow or buy is always washed before being prepared and served. The children understand that it’s a very important part of preparing and cooking food.

wash 2


The first thing we had to do though was wash our hands.

Once we had washed our hands we proceeded to wash the tomatoes that we’d grown (as well as the cucumber and tomatoes that were shop bought). With our chopping boards and knives, we were ready to go! The knives are especially for children, designed for easy grip and with safety blades. They are an excellent tool for children to use to develop their fine motor skills and they gain a wonderful knowledge of food and food preparation whilst helping out in the kitchen!

(Kuhn Rikon of Switzerland kinderkitchen Children’s Dog Knives – available here)


prepprep 4













We always try to incorporate number and language into our activities, we enjoy counting the number of bowls and cups that we need, we take things in turns too and show each other how to do things and we help each other. We especially encourage the older children to learn by helping the younger children, it increases confidence and they thoroughly enjoy being ‘in charge’.

















After lots of washing, counting, chopping and sorting, snack was ready for everybody to enjoy. Whilst the snack served was shop bought tomatoes and cucumber, we also went around with a bowl of our own grown tomatoes – and these received a wonderful response! It’s incredible to see the difference in interest the children show in something that’s put in front of them to something they’ve taken part in themselves. They were a wonderful treat on a warm day and it’s something we’ll be continuing to do in the future. Whilst we do encourage that snack and meal times should be taken at the table, it’s exciting sometimes to go outside with a surprise bowl full of something new for them to try, you’ll find the response very encouraging!

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