Cress and Egg Sandiwches

9th Aug 2016

What a lovely time we’ve had! Our cress has finally grown enough to eat, and so we all tucked in to some wonderful egg and cress sandwiches. 



For those who’ve been keeping up with our gardening posts, you’d have seen that we’ve been very busy growing lots of lovely things for us to eat. We’ve planted lettuce (from seed), rocket, thyme, parsley, mint, potatoes, and tomatoes. We have been very vigilant every day ensuring that each plant gets enough sunlight and water. As the plants have been growing, we’ve also been re potting to make sure that they have enough space to grow. 

The children have really enjoyed spending their time outside and seeing the progress each little plant has made. They’ve all had a turn caring for the plants, and it’s something we intent to consistently do so that each child will get the opportunity to see where their food comes from, and to experience how to care for something in order for it to grow. It’s lovely to see each child being so considerate of the plants and of each other. By letting them do things for themselves the children are learning how to use the space around them, to risk assess, and to work with others, and they’re doing all of this whilst working with nature. They’re also improving skills such as: fine motor development, social development, language and communication development, and emotional development.

It really can’t be emphasised how much the children are gaining from engaging in such a simple task as gardening.


Step 1. To go outside and get the cress. 

IMG_3735 IMG_3736

Once the children had identified which was the cress, we all took turns with the scissors to cut it down and put it into a bowl ready to wash. 























Once it was all picked, we placed it into a bowl ready to be washed. After washing our hands, we washed the cress and chopped it up ready to mix in with the egg. In the meantime, the eggs had been hard boiled and cooled, and were ready to be peeled and mashed for the sandwiches. 




 Whilst the filling was being mashed (and the children really couldn’t wait for their turn with the masher), we were also preparing the bread ready for filling.

We filled

We filled

We spread

We spread

We poured

We poured



We cut






Everybody loved the sandwiches and at the end of snack every single bowl had nothing but crumbs. It really was lovely to watch the children tell each other that ‘That green stuff is cress’ and happily informed staff ‘We grew that, it was in the garden’.

It really was a big success and we can’t wait for more to grow! Up next.. tomato and lettuce salad! Hopefully(!)




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