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28th Jul 2016
They have lots of room to grow

Our plants have been growing stronger by the day and our lettuce is now ready for bigger pots!

Our lettuce, which has been grown from seed was first planted into seedling trays by the children. We took advantage of the lovely weather and the plants have thrived. Over the weekend they were put into the shed near the window in a tray of water. The seedling trays are made from cardboard, so they don’t need constant watering as the cardboard absorbs the water and keeps the plants saturated.


Since the lettuce seedling have now grown quite a bit, they’re going to need a bit more space. We have some bigger plant pots that are just the thing, and a bag full of compost. All the little seedlings needed now was a helping hand!


Here are a couple of children ready and eager to begin. They could see that the seedling were a bit clustered in the tray and were happy to give them a new home. We started by filling up each little pot with enough earth to support the seedlings and to help grow strong roots.


We all got stuck right in – our hands got very muddy!




There were a lot of children on hand to help fill up the pots with earth, there were a lot of seedlings and it was a big job!














Now that we have each pot filled up nicely with earth, we need to create some space to put in the seedlings.

Using our fingers, we poked holes into the soil. These had to be deep enough to fit the roots of the seedling. The roots were as long as the stems.















The root of the seedling was very long, we had to make sure that the hole was deep enough to fit the entire root. We put each seedling in very carefully, and made sure to pat down the earth around it. The children could see how having a well planted root helped to keep the plant in place and how the soil would need to be tightly patted down so it wouldn’t fall over.




Below are some pictures of the final result! We are all very excited to see just how many of our plants will grow enough to be planted into the bed. Since it’s our first time trying to grow lettuce, we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ve done everything we need to have a good crop! Hopefully in just a little while the children will be picking and cleaning the lettuce so it can be used in their food. We’ll save some for everybody to try!



They have lots of room to grow

They have lots of room to grow

Here are each of our lettuce plants!

Here are each of our lettuce plants!




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