Our plants begin to say hello

26th Jul 2016

Say hello to our little seedlings!

The children have been very excited to see that the seeds that they have been busy planting have been very active this weekend.

The children planted the seeds on Thursday and we put them in the the shed to germinate.

By Monday the seeds had started to grow and by Tuesday we had to take the cress out of the shed as the lack of light meant the seedlings were a little etiolated.

We are really looking forward to eating our produce.










In the round pots is our cress, it has grown from seed and once it has grown just a little more we’ll be using it in our egg sandwiches at snack time. The children will be part of each process, the picking, the washing, and the cooking/preparing.





In the little square pots we have some cos lettuce, iceberg lettuce, rocket, chives and thyme. Each of the lettuce seeds have begun to grow and the thyme and chives should be seen in a week or so. Hopefully the seedlings will grow strong enough to be re-potted into a bigger pot, and then planted in the bed.

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