Our vegetable patch!

21st Jul 2016

A project we’ve been keen to start has now begun… Our new vegetable patch!

The staff, children of BFC and 6th Neath Briton Ferry Cubs have been preparing a small plot ready to begin planting in the Autumn. It’s really beginning to take shape and we are very excited that this ongoing project has had such a wonderful start.

Our first crop is going to be…. lettuce! Since it doesn’t need much soil depth, can grow in partial shade, and doesn’t need too much space, it’s the ideal thing to grow.

To begin, the children of BFC have begun to plant seeds into our seedling pots until they’re strong enough to be planted directly into the soil. The children enjoyed looking and choosing the different types of lettuce we’ll be growing – at least four different kinds! They got stuck right in and made sure each of the little seeds had some soil covering to keep them warm and plenty of water for them to drink. They were also very keen to have a look at a few of the creatures that live in our garden! Namely caterpillars, we counted 15 on one plant alone.

Here are some pictures of the children planting ( a special thank you to Rose who kindly lent her excellent photography skills) :

13814434_10155050895037519_598533491_n      13819525_10155050895292519_1859353032_n

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